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Educational physics applets designed to be scripted in JavaScript for use in quizzes, homework problems, and Just in Time... see more

This set of applets features illustrations of quantum mechanics through interactive animations in the following domains :... see more

A collection of Java applets - math puzzles and problem illustrations - that open eyes, each for its own reason.

An old puzzle implemented in JavaScript. Several research question are asked about the puzzle, a couple of question are... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to learn about the rectangular, midpoint, and trapezoidal methods... see more

This applet is to simulate a popular Chinese card game ""24 Points"". The players are given 4 playing cards. Their job is... see more

Solve or watch being solved the Josephus Flavius problem. Count heads in order to survive

'Take one minute a day to exercise your brain with an interactive math game!  Mad Math Minute includes fun and cool 60... see more

This web site has hundreds of physics related Java Applets on topics in mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and... see more

By defining time only in context of a specified 'map-frame' of motion, and then introducing time on a traveler's clocks... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that illustrates the principles of ballistic trajectories via a simulation.

A JavaScript to convert numbers between several bases: binary, ternary, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, quintal

A growing collection of applets reflecting the applications of Java(TM) form the chemist, and their possible uses in... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to design and experiment with their own floating-point number... see more

This applet demostrates the importance of inelastic collisions in a toy model of granular flow. In the limit of elastic... see more

A set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets. These applets... see more

Reuleaux Triangle is an example of a constant width shape other than the circle. The applet illustrates its ability to... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to learn about the kinematics of a simple robot doing a... see more

ELIZA -- the classic psychiatrist program (with source)

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that allows students to experiment with the bisection method for finding the roots to... see more

Another sliding 8-tile puzzle. No pictures/loads fast.

Cryptarithms are puzzles obtained from arithmetic identities by replacing digits with letters. The problem is to recover... see more

This is an implementation of a game that was described in Scientific American's March 1997 issue.

Get as many 21's as possible with 4 hands and a deck of 52 cards