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The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method is a way to test a change that is implemented. Going through the prescribed four... see more

Dementia is a disease affecting millions of people worldwide. While there are genetic dispositions for developing this... see more

The self-care practice of forest bathing for nurses is the focus of this article. Self-care is the use of actions to... see more

The aim of this study is to explore the effects of forest bathing on anxiety levels in adults. An abundance of forest... see more

Visit these five destinations to practice the Japanese art of forest bathing. is a web site for nurse scholars, developed and maintained by nurse scholars. Specifically, the web site is... see more

In this short virtual chapter, you will learn the basics about the scientific problem-solving process and applied... see more

In Ontario, Canada, approximately $2.5 billion is spent yearly on occupational injuries in the healthcare sector. The... see more

Resources on a wide array of topics related to climate change and health, featuring credible resources that are not in... see more

Environmental and Climate Justice As nurses, we recognize that bold action is needed to address the catastrophic health... see more

This website, Nurse Scholar Cafe is a collection of Open Nursing Resources.

In this module, learners study some concepts of population health interventions, such as health education and social... see more

In this short virtual lesson, you will learn how to write a community health education behavioral objective.

Welcome to this short lesson about the Four Levels of Prevention! The intended audience is nurses and nursing students.... see more

This guided meditation is aimed for the audience of nurses to promote self-care. Nurses may use this meditation. Nurse... see more

Welcome to this short lesson about the significance of levels of evidence and how nurses should be cognizant of the rigor... see more

This virtual lesson is a short activity to help build statistical literacy in nursing students and nurses. It includes a... see more

Planet Earth Grounding Meditation is geared for nurses to provide self-care by doing a short grounding meditation. The... see more

Framework of Text and Welcome The Holistic Nursing and Healing Environmentsis an interactive open textbook that focuses... see more

Framework of Text and Welcome The Holistic Nursing and Culture: Body, Mind, and Spirit (Book 1 of a holistic series is an... see more

This OER Creative Commons, BY, NC video is a loving-kindness meditation for nurses. It promotes nurse self-care in nurses... see more

We are in a new dawn regarding environmental health in the US and, in fact, globally. The public awareness and interest... see more

Many studies have explored the physiological and psychological benefits of the Japanese nature therapy practice of... see more

Aims: This study focused on the newest evidence of the relationship between forest environmental exposure and human... see more