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Should a Scrum master have technical skills? A serious matter of debate has been out there for a while. As per the Scrum... see more

Books that helps in Business Model Design Business Model Design refers to the activity of designing an Organization's... see more

Essential books for Stakeholder Management Stakeholders are people who have a stake or interest in your product. Building... see more

People usually stick to what they know when they can't think beyond a situation. They become attached to what they know... see more

One would be surprised to know how many people find it difficult to differentiate between Kanban and Scrum. These are two... see more

New Year's Resolution of the Scrum Master New year resolutions are common things in year end and beginning of the year.... see more

PSM vs CSM : How to Choose the Right Scrum Master Certification Scrum master is one of the most demanding job profiles in... see more

Scrum Master Confabs - Managing Scrum Team Conflict We did a discussion on the Agility Thinking Whatsapp group about the... see more

Books to read for better Product Design Product design is all about identifying and building new products that solve a... see more

Books to read to learn Product Marketing Product Marketing is the process of increasing product awareness that helps to... see more

Using NLP Techniques as ScrumMaster or Agile Coach Many a times, people say things without complete information. In any... see more

Agile Coaching Agile Coaching is a nominalization word that is a combination of different skills and knowledge, which... see more

10 myths of an Agile Coach What you learn and whom you learn from makes a great deal of difference in learning things the... see more

Who is Product Owner? Every product intends to solve someone's problem. The best way to build a product is to start with... see more

People fear what they do not understand. It’s a proven fact for the majority of the people who do not understand the... see more

Can Product Owner and Scrum Master be the same person? It is one of those questions that keeps coming up usually while... see more

The heart of Scrum is Sprint and consists of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Development work, Sprint Review, and Sprint... see more

A day in the life of a Scrum Master Be it in interviews or on workshops; this happens to be a known question. People want... see more

How to Become Scrum Master? Scrum Master is a key role in the Scrum Team, and it’s one of the most important role & job... see more

Scrum master vs Project manager It's an interesting question. The moment you equate Scrum Master to a Project Manager... see more

Who is Scrum master? Job openings, career opportunities for this role are increasing. How many times have you come across... see more

The name ‘Scrum Master’ has been very much in use especially in IT companies. Hence lot many definitions or... see more

The Scrum Master is also a coach and has an excellent understanding of systems, professional, and relationship coaching.... see more

Managing Stakeholder Conversations in Scrum As a Product Owner, whenever there is a tough conversation that includes... see more