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The YouTube Brand Strategy Project was developed by StuKent and is aimed at helping students: Understand how companies... see more

This assignment is designed to help students begin to understand the value of conducting informational interviews as a... see more

This 14-page document is designed to help students and professors around the world have a successful experience with the... see more

An assignment to help students become professionally certified in HootSuite, a social media management system.

An assignment to help students develop their LinkedIn profile for professional networking purposes.

An assignment on how students can create an "ePortfolio" using social media.

An assignment about using Google AdWords. As a pre-requisite, students need access to a website that does not currently... see more

A variety of tips and resources for instructors teaching the Google Online Marketing Challenge as part of their course.

A short assignment whereby students use Twitter for one hour.

Two exercises to help students practice using HTML tags to code a basic web page.

Resources for facilitating the teaching of courses that incorporate the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

An example of a student report written in response to an assignment to read a book and then teach the class about How to... see more

This reference guide has been prepared as a reference for the 2011 Society for Marketing Advances Conference special... see more

A collection of resources on how to create ads.

A short 20-question multiple choice quiz taking five minutes to complete. It provides test-takers with an idea of how... see more

A collection of commercials that illustrate various advertising principles such as minimizing price and showing good... see more

Lecture slides on advertising principles with links to tools, relevant commercials, print ads, and other sources.

A reference for case studies and ideas about brands using social media.

Step-by-step instructions on getting a website started in WordPress. It assumes that students have their own domain name... see more

This exercise walks students through the steps associated with purchasing a domain name and getting web (blog) hosting... see more

If you plan on using Google Analytics, you will need a privacy policy on your website to ensure you are not violating... see more

A short exercise that walks through the steps associated with installing a CAPTCHA on a WordPress blog.

This is an exercise that shows how to install and use the All In One SEO Pack in WordPress. The exercise assumes that... see more

To acquire hands-on experience working in groups to develop and track a short e-mail marketing newsletter using... see more