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A site with exercises, games and dictionaries for children.

view and explanation of paintings of the museum with monthly new presentations.

The Diego Rivera web museum is a comprehensive site on the works of the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Quictkime... see more

A wonderful site to learn about the painter Juan Miro through a visit of the museum. Music and Spanish-catalan... see more

Visit of the museum with commentaries in Spanish. All painting are in images and have very good colors.

courses, dictionaries, grammar, information and history. Resources for general learning

Virtual French class with testing.. In the words of the author :"Bienvenue dans la classe virtuelle de francais.... see more

cours de francais totalement automatise.

An interactive tutorial on grammar.

Activites ludiques pour les enfants.

A site in French with its English version created in association with the French and Canadian Ministries about Christmas... see more

This site is a megasite for French culture and language. It has been produced by the Centre International d'études... see more

Modules for teaching or testing of the French language, created by faculty. Exercises are fun and presented as games. It... see more

Exercises in French pronunciation, basic grammar, and conversation. Audio practice now added.

As a member of a circus students are going to visit france and learn how to communicate

Pedagogical activities on a wide variety of topics in French civilization.Modules including audio, video interviews with... see more

Exercices de dictées, lectures, grammaire, jeux