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This site presents comprehensive information regarding the death penalty, indiviudal state laws concerning the death... see more

This on line sourcebook provides comprehensive information concerning criminal justice system characteristics, public... see more

This foundation provides information about impact of drug policy in America. It also provides information regarding... see more

Problem-Oriented Policing Guides for Police Problem-Specific Series (no 36)

Discussion of the juvenile justice system, reported versus unreported victimization, structure of the juvenile justice... see more

This 2013 Annual Report of the U.S. Sentencing Commission addresses the sentencing guidelines and their amendments, legal... see more

This 74 page report details comprehensive gang threat assessment information collected from throughout the United States... see more

1999 Crime mapping report explaining various functions of crime mapping. Created by Keith Harries, Ph.D., under National... see more

Superb example of comparison between three criminological theories. Comparison of general theory of crime, the age-graded... see more

This report provides an overview of drug abuse patterns and trends in Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) areas.

Compiled results of the National Violence Against Women Survey, consisting of 46 pages, published in January, 2006.

Discusses sexual assualt in the United States prison system.

Recommends developing objective, valid, and reliable tools to make placement decisions among alternative programs and... see more

This site provides descriptions of several drugs that are used on the club scene.  Includes information such as slang... see more

Presents estimates of the prevalence of mental health problems among prison and jail inmates using self-reported data on... see more

This study examined the social lives of female ex-offenders to determine the features of their relationships after their... see more

This report, in the form of a guide and resource, provides a description of the gender-specific programmatic framework... see more

Extensive 82 page document regarding the use of early intervention systems by front line supervisors in policing.... see more

This report presents estimates of the prevalence of substance use or mental health problems in substate areas during... see more

This document provides information on alcohol and substance abuse in more than 340 sub-state areas.  It also defines... see more

The purpose of this guide is to underscore the value and role of the law enforcement agency’s public information officer... see more

This document explains the link between alcohol and violence according to physiological, social, and situational effects.... see more

 This guide defines crackdowns and their basic elements and describes how crackdowns reduce crime and disorder; benefits,... see more