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This site provides information about cladograms, evoution, and what the authors call the “Tree of Life.” At this site you... see more

Students in Environmenatl Science or Biology classes can test tropospheric ozone levels with inexpensive materials... see more

Of Microbes and Men by John Arthur Harrison, Ph.D.

These materials were prepared for use by Rice undergraduates, in order to enhance the learning value of the teaching lab... see more

An updated list of biological, medical, and chemical journals available online.

Self-regulation refers to students' ability to understand and control their learning, and is essential for success in... see more

Graduate students are often assigned teaching responsibilities as part of an assistantship, but most have had very little... see more

A career as a science professor in one of today's major research universities holds many unique opportunities for... see more

This Key will only identify insects to a specific Order, it does not identify to species level (you'll require a... see more

Labeled and unlabeled photos of cat anatomy are presented.

'Epithelia are tissues consisting of closely apposed cells without intervening intercellular substances. Epithelia are... see more

A wonderful presentation with information and animations about most human genetic disorders

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science provides ideas, workshops, Journals, and an explanation of the... see more

Wonderful, labeled micrographs of anatomical areas taught in Anatomy and Physiology courses

This atlas includes a set of brain section images whose anatomical structures have been interactively outlined and... see more

A collection of Human Biology including word search capability. Cranial Anatomy and function are presented. A lucid and... see more

Cocaine, Alcohol, Dopamine, and Opiates. A clear explanation of the normal chemical synaptic cleft and others with drug... see more

McGraw Hill publishers have a webpage with a great collection of websites. There is no cost at this time to access these.... see more

This popular publication was produced with the Society for Neuroscience with NIH funding, but all 6,000 copies were... see more

Collection of news articles from ABC, CBS, New York Times, Boston Globe and others on topics of interest to the Society... see more