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Describes all design issues and characteristics in interfacing processors and peripherals.

This document is intel multiprocessor specification which describes the OS, hardware and BIOS guidlines for... see more

It has following feature described in details. Be able to ... ? specify standards? ... select coding style? ? code with... see more

This site has a free downloadable test framework called JUnit, which can be used for regression tesing of Java code.

The Rational Unified Process?(RUP?) has no concept of a "maintenance phase." Some people claim that this is a major... see more

This tutorial explains about pipelining and its basics. It also gives good examples and compares different types of... see more

Explain OO design in detail.

Software architecture forms the backbone for building successful software-intensive systems. A system's quality... see more

It gives introduction to SPIM. This page also contains details of all SPIM instruction and a variety of examples.

This web page is maintained by a group of users who are doing research on User Interface design. This page contains a... see more

This web site is dedicated to Extreme Programming (XP), another methodology for system construction. XP is particularly... see more

This article discusses the novice system analyst view and realities about Object analysis and design

The article describes the core concepts of Object-Oriented analysis and Design using UML.