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Illustrates relationships between angles.

Illustrates light through a concave lens. Can change the x-coordinate of the obbject.

Illustrates light through a convex lens. Can change the x-coordinate of the obbject.

Illustrates Volume/pressure relationship for diesel engine

Illustrates electric field surrounding a positive and negative particle.

Interactive exporation of famous curves in the history of Math

Enter your own electrical network and the applet will draw the impedance graph.

Java applets illustrating nonrelativistic quantum mechanics.

Graphically adds any two vectors to get a third.

Demonstrates Fourier Synthesis. Can modulate value of fourier functions and magnitude both graphical and auditory.

Yet another simulation of flocking behavior. A 3D version. Has a huge amount of resources on the page.

Illustrates the relationship between exterior common tangents of 3 cirlces.

This is an Online version of one of the the Exploratorium's (in San Francisco) most famous live exhibits-- dissecting a... see more

Demonstrates doppler effect with moving point source.

Illustrates Kirchhoff's rules by means of a 4 resistor circuit

Demonstrates relationship between velocity, acceleration, displacement (etc.) of a free rolling disk.

Graphical grid calculator which calculates the slope, flow direction, flow accumulation and weighted flow accumulation... see more

Allows you to watch vibrating Intrinsic Local Modes (ILMs) in the lattice of 15 particles with periodic boundaries.

Illustrates an isosceles triangle theorem.