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Collection of technical and instructional support topics both for instructors and for students. Includes: student... see more

Primary materials (statutes, rulings, etc.), current legislation and cases, internet resources, copyright law.

FAQ and help pages. Covers MANY features.

FAQ and help pages. Basics, objects, customizing, clip art, and more.

Standards for web pages on university servers, including the following issues: Copyright, advertising, page specs,... see more

FAQ and help pages for the Mac operating system.

Handouts and presentations used in Powerpoint presentations. Topics include: effective presentations, sequencing, basics,... see more

FAQ and help pages. Basics, columns, tables, styles, merging, clip art, and more.

Handouts and examples from a seminar. Includes tips on creating acrobat documents, setting resolution for scanned... see more

If you need charts, maps or other kinds of graphics on the web, you can create them in PowerPoint and export them as GIF... see more

Answers frequent question about why and how to make pages accessible in higher education.

with Neal Ewers of the Trace Research Center; a short video demonstrating how screen readers assist the blind to navigate... see more

Information on UW Stout's plans for laptop requirement for incoming students fall 2000. Information about pilot programs.

FAQ and help pages. General, moving from Eudora, organizing, managing, calendar, and more.

University policies on acceptable use of the Web, for staff and students.

10 design elements to increase the usability your web site, but the guru of interface design.

Ten things you can, but shouldn't, do in your web pages, by the guru of interface design.

"The "top ten" design mistakes I identified in 1996 are still bad for Web usability and are still found on many websites.... see more

University policies for the use of the Web, for staff and students. Includes webpage standards.