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Quote: "This tutorial introduces undergraduate students to computer architecture concepts of caches and pipelining . It... see more

Quote: "A large team of educators, authors and developers has created this online classroom version of what's now the... see more

RaVi is a set of interactive training components for the teaching of the computer architecture. Each component visualises... see more

Keywords: computer performance, model, benchmark, supercomputer.

MIPS reference guides for MIPS32 and MIPS64 programming. The materials are under copyright and registration (free) is... see more

Abstract: The principles of the RISC architecture guided the design of the previous generation of processors. These... see more

About EFF - "The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending... see more

Quote: "HADES is a pure-Java framework for object-oriented component-based simulation. It consists first of a graphics... see more

"Ubiquity is a Web-based publication of the Association for Computing Machinery, dedicated to fostering critical analysis... see more