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This site is a tutorial for anatomy and physiology containing a variety of resources.  It includes sections on chemistry,... see more

From the site: "Neuroanatomy Online is an open-access, interactive electronic laboratory for the study of neuroanatomy... see more

From the author:  In this animated and interactive object, learners conduct an experiment online to illustrate how a... see more

This is the website for the Society for Neuroscience.  It has many links including teaching resources.

This is a 4:10 minute YouTube animated tutorial that discusses the spinal cord and it's features. Information from the... see more

A video presentation of the myotatic reflex.  The author is engaging as he sings, dances and demonstrates the myotatic... see more

The Blue Man Group performs as a narrator discusses the visual system.

Students dance to show myotome movements and point to show dermatome strips.  The dancer in front also has the dermato,e... see more

A live camera feed of a nest of Eagles  at Berry University in GA.  It is seasonal, but eaglets often hatch in the winter... see more

Video demonstration and text describing the brachial plexus

This is a video describing a neuronal pathway.