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Do your own SELF / IDEAL-SELF comparison and assessment, using the tool (an extended adjective checklist)

Make educational popups (real full-feature tooltips) in a way that is UNBELIEVABLY EASY. The directions are right ON the... see more

Auto-Builds tests delivered online, that contain encrypted answers and score themselves -- a version especially for... see more

major utilities to make line graphs, bar graphs, and pie graphs online

JavaScript program that automatically scores any objective test, questionnaire or "inventory", with the only limitation... see more

By providing very simple txt files (with the terms to match and VERY little else) one can have about any matching... see more

Automatically build an automatically coordinated set of menus for subtopics and subsubtopics under some main subject... see more

Free online web page teacher universal automatic drag and drop activity builder, with all you need to make any drag drop... see more