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Virtual algebra tiles with on-screen activity assistance.  

In this lesson, students compare different costs associated with two cell phone plans. They write equations with 2... see more

A virtual manipulative to help students balnce linear equations in one variable.  

Students will represent quadratic functions as a table, with a graph, and with an equation. They will compare data and... see more

In this cooperative learning activity, students are presented with a real-world problem: Given a mirror and laser... see more

Using old batteries and a voltage sensor, students get a real feel of the meaning of negative and positive numbers.... see more

This lesson can be used to show the geometric basis of algebraic factoring using algebra tiles.  

Students use graphs, tables, number lines, verbal descriptions, and symbols to represent the domain of various functions.

This interactive pan balance allows numeric or algebraic expressions to be entered and compared. You can "weigh" the... see more