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Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

Watch a satellite slowly circle Earth in an ellipse. Vary the eccentricity of the orbit.

Try to Nuclear Power Plant stable - avoid a meltdown

Periodic table for getting information about different elements.

Map of sensor bouy's floating in the pacific. Mouse over a bouy to get latest data (temp, wind, humity).

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

A simulation of the kinetic theory of gasses. Students can study the dependence of the mixing of two gasses on... see more

A freeware tool for drawing chemical structures.

Ballistics Simulation: Exploring gravity, kinetic energy, potential energy and atmospheric drag using the cannon

Includes teacher generated activities. A section of the coast line is randomly given an angle (two lines), resulting in a... see more

Elasticity = Responsiveness: the elasticity of demand tells us how much the quantity demanded changes when the price... see more

Enter three arrival times in seconds to see where the epicenter occurred (triangulation).

Grow trees (green dots), then start fire (red dots), and watch destroyed trees (black dots) form a trail behind the fire.

book Fractals in Science: Directory of applets. The Center for Polymer Studies has developed a number of hands-on... see more

Learn math concepts of game theory and search algorithms while playing a game trying to line up five balls.

This experiment is designed to further demonstrate the properties of the ideal gas law. Mirror site:... see more

Throw darts at a circle, get the ratio inside to outside circle, and estimate pi.

Watch as a stick is inserted into a Necker Cube from a variety of directions.

Create a spectrum and then interact with it. Notice that energy level transitions correspond to peaks in the spectrum.

Take random steps left or right and see how far you get. You won't go far very often.

How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals

Discussion of a technique for estimating pi, by dropping a needle between parallel lines.

Change Temp and watch graph change according to Plank's formula