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This java simulation allows the user to investigate work and energy properties while a virtual man pushes objects up a... see more

Flash simulation of a line of coupled masses, approximating the properties of a string. Tension and damping are... see more

Descriptions and photos of historical physics teaching apparatus.

Animation of a vibrating bar or rod. The user can select several different modes of oscillation.

The simulation displays a vector field for a large set of selectable charge configurations. Equipotentials are also... see more

The simulation displays many wave emitters for many selectable configurations. Can display things like curl of E.... see more

Visual display of various wavefunctions (probability densities) for given eigenstates of the Hydrogen atom. Results are... see more

Displays wave interference from a wide range of source and barrier configurations. The user can select specific... see more

Displays 3D dynamic images of interference for several different choices of sources.