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This five-part program centers on the ethical use and communication of information. The authors call on students to... see more

The author of this guide associates specific information types (such as newspapers, journals, and books) with points on a... see more

This fourteen-slide Flash presentation on using keywords in online searches offers explanations, examples, and... see more

In this presentation, the authors combine three topics in their discussion on using sources for research: citation,... see more

This three-part program addresses the task of choosing a research topic. Browsing online or among print materials is... see more

Students viewing this site can gain basic knowledge about Internet functions and expressions, such as file transfer... see more

This program informs students about differences between popular and scholarly periodicals, and techniques for finding... see more

This is a tutorial that has 6 modules to help you learn about information literacy: How Do I Search? What Sources Should... see more

This learning tool gives step-by-step instructions for finding material in a library and in online databases. Although... see more

In the first part of this program, text and animations help explain the concept of citation, as applied to several types... see more

This Flash program outlines the fundamentals of online searching. Learners can practice their understanding of each... see more

The first half of this guide to selecting a research topic explains the logic of making the research task manageable.... see more

This program provides a basic introduction for individuals seeking information published in print and online. Fundamental... see more

This Flash program offers two paths for learning citation styles. After a brief introduction that sets forth the... see more

In the introductory part of this program, the authors differentiate the open Web and common Web search engines from... see more

This site presents an overview of the initial steps of researching material for a writing assignment. The importance of... see more

This program describes in detail the beginning steps of a research project: selecting a topic, formulating a question... see more

This site describes the general process by which information about a topic is generated and published. A short Flash... see more

This Flash presentation, guided by the learner with left- and right-pointing arrows, provides an overview of common types... see more

This three-minute screencast concentrates on clarifying the distinction between scholarly and popular periodicals. It is... see more

This is a brief but detailed presentation geared toward students doing academic research, and centered on the exercise of... see more

This Flash-based presentation focuses on the first step of any research endeavor, namely, choosing a topic. Suggestions... see more

This learning tool is designed to instruct students on how to best use the Web to find information. The authors provide... see more

The main purpose of this tutorial is to present principles of academic integrity and ways to adhere to them. In 21... see more