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This software is a free download and is very interactive and easy for students to use. The fundamental frequency can be... see more

This is an interactive website that can also be downloaded.  Students can adjust amplitude, frequency and tension, as... see more

'Auditory Demonstrations II: Challenges to Speech Communication and Music Listening is a collection of auditory... see more

This website allow a student to select an age and an area of the brain.  Questions then appear for the student to answer.... see more

This site covers basic acoustics including wave types, oscillations, reflection/refraction, superposition, diffraction,... see more

This interactive website allows you to adjust the facial expression of an animated head.  This site is excellent for... see more

This interactive site was developed jointly by the American Speech-Language & Hearing Association and the National... see more

eopEARdy is an interactive multimedia training resource that supports effective education in occupational hearing... see more

The NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator is a software training and communication tool for promoting hearing loss prevention. It... see more

Overtone is a downloadable program that allows you to create sine wave plus chosen harmonics (or overtones) and see the... see more

By the end of this course, you should be able to: Understand PubMed's scope and content. Understand how the MeSH... see more

- Noise and Your Ears: Worth Hearing About! (published 1995; 562 KB) PDF - Acoustics and You: Learning About the Science... see more

This animation allows one to choose a tube open at both ends, closed at both ends, or closed at one end, and shows... see more

'TWA Calculator is a computational and visual tool for teaching noise exposure dose concepts in an occupational hearing... see more

This is a streaming video tutorial designed as part of an evidence-based practice module. It is a video of Gordon Guyatt... see more

This cool site has synthetically engineered sentences that have the consonants taken out - and you can still understand... see more

' ANIMATED Auditory Demonstrations II: Challenges to Speech Communication and Music Listening is a collection of animated... see more

This is an interactive attention test by Cognitive Labs.  It measures mental quickness, flexibility, and decision... see more

' Auditory Demonstrations in Acoustics and Hearing Conservation is a series of auditory demonstrations that illustrate... see more

Hear some simulations of what a cochlear implant sounds like. Also a short video of a cochlear implant surgery by Dr.... see more

This is a free download program that will allow you to set up cue cards to learn material from classes.  It also allows... see more

This appears to be an online experiment called the Cambridge Facial Memory Test.  There is a privacy statement and a... see more

This is a CDC website with the basics about the prevalence of genetic hearing loss in infants that includes a Parents... see more

This site includes some interesting facts (and links), including why stereocilia are not like true cilia, how hair cells... see more