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Topic: Imagery, metaphors and symbolism. Goal: Describe the function and effect of common literary devices (e.g.,... see more

Appropriate for middle school, this activity explains how to read nonfiction and then requires that the student apply... see more

This web site contains units for teaching facets of literature analysis and appreciation for both fiction and non-fiction... see more

By learning to how to use information presented in various types of nonfiction material, students will prepare to use the... see more

This resource explains the process of analyzing literature and provides examples.

Provides a graphic organizer/questionnaire for collaborative analysis of literature.

"For the past fifteen years I have researched, authored, maintained and supported the Study Guides Web site as an... see more

All of the different types of poetry and literary terms can be found on this site together with many examples of the... see more

Students use graphic organizers to form definitions of a variety of story types including fables, fairy tales, folktales,... see more

This site provides information about the importance of studying drama and theater.