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CORE is an interactive information literacy tutorial. It was developed by a team of librarians and others at Purdue... see more

This web tutorial teaches the user how to evaluate Internet sites. At the end of the tutorial the author claims that the... see more

This site explains how information about an event is created, documented and disseminated within days of the event's... see more

This interactive quiz teaches students how to read Library of Congress call numbers.

This an integrated collection of resources, training, tools, templates, and support" was created by the University of... see more

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of HTML design and style. Even though the Crash Course was originally... see more

This sites provides information about how to evaluate Web resources. In addition, links are provided as to how to detect... see more

An interactive, web-based tutorial created for learning the basics for searching in Expanded Academic ASAP. The tutorial... see more

Site provides the basics of ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), one of the largest educational databases.

This lesson is designed to address the needs of all professional librarians who will be expected to conduct library... see more

This site provides a check list with a point system to rate websites. This is based on a type of usability testing called... see more

This web site provides guidelines on how to direct students to use the Web for research. Suggestions are directed towards... see more

This Web site provides links to a number of different type of Web sites that can be used for evaluation. The topics... see more

This site provides a criteria chech list that can be used when evaluating information you find on the web.

This site offers good examples and exercises using LC (Library of Congress) Classification, Dewey Decimal, and SuDOC... see more

This information literacy tutorial takes the user through the library research process. It provides tips and instruction... see more

Interactive tutorial which will prepare the user to effectively research library resources and the Internet.

This online Web site is designed to teach the user how to evaluate information on the World Wide Web.

Information literacy standards for higher education were developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries... see more

This is a public educational resource. This excellent web site provides various guides for college students. Topics... see more