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Mezhdu nami is a free, web-based curriculum that provides a comprehensive introduction to Russian language and culture.... see more

Supplementary materials for students in beginning Spanish that focus on issues of cultural identity of Spanish speakers... see more

Dictionary with parallel entries for Kechwa, English and Spanish, making it useful for native speakers of all three... see more

Imanalla is a complete curriculum for an introductory Quichua program that provides college/university students with... see more

Baticum! is a textbook for advanced learners of Brazilian Portuguese organized around music. In addition to the grammar,... see more

Website with activities for French learners at the beginning and intermediate levels that are intended to be used in... see more

An introductory textbook of the modern standard Uyghur language with exercises and extensive grammatical analysis. With... see more

A tongue-in-cheek account of boy meets girl in Haitian Creole class, and of their honeymoon adventures and misadventures... see more

This work was created principally for that group of human beings - the most admirable we have ever known - who devote a... see more

This work is intended as a brief, practical guide for English Speakers in Haiti on a short-term basis. As the title... see more

This work is intended for the many English-speaking physicians, dentists, nurses, and paramedics treating monolingual... see more

English-Haitian dictionary of medical terminology.

Abridged version of Jacques Roumain’s novel Gouverneurs de la Rosée (1945), a masterpiece of Haitian literature that has... see more

Acceso is a complete, interactive curriculum for intermediate-level learners of Spanish. The materials on the site are... see more