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The Canadian Encyclopedia, in its bilingual edition, covers major Canadian events and provides updated and accurate... see more

The Film and Culture Association offers an introduction to cinema and film analysis in French for elementary, secondary... see more

The monuments presented are essential components of cultural lessons in French. This reference material can be used in a... see more

This site is ideal for planning task-based French listening and speaking activities. It can be used for multimedia... see more

This material consists of drill-and-practice exercises for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners. with instant... see more

"Stratégies d'écriture dans la formation spécifique" is designed for students who want to develop their writing ability... see more

This reference material familiarizes college and university students with authentic 19th century French literature.... see more

Interactive language learning website that supports French language learning in a variety of settings. The grammar,... see more

These videos are excellent for use in the French classroom or independently by students who want to review vocabulary in... see more

French culture: Video In French Historic Centre of Avignon: Papal Palace, Episcopal Ensemble and Avignon Bridge In the... see more

The power-point presentations introduce students to the study of three major French novels from the eighteenth to the... see more

V. Y. Mudimbe’s The Rift attempts to engage with the dilemma of postcolonial intellectuals re-using the discourse of... see more

The experiential learning website familiarizes students enrolled in FSL courses with various practical contexts and tools... see more