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A collection of mathematics learning materials for high school and college students. It incudes several applets,.

This applet will help you experiment with the symmetries of patterns made by parametric equations of the form (t + An... see more

A collection of java applets:

A computer simulation on the web to visualize the genesis of normal and log-normal distributions

This applet simulates a situation where a rocket is launched if it passes three independent stages.

TeX Users Group is a support group for TeX users. Different information and help to TeX users is available.

Do simulations for the glamber's ruin problem.

The applet shows the histogram of N replications of the sum of n random variables from a uniform (0,1) distribution. It... see more

Different maths activites, and applets for grade school to high school students. Some could be used by college students.

Short video on Brownian motion.

A small collection of applets discussing several topics in Probability

A collection of java applets illlustrating different basic concepts in statistics.

A collection of Classic Fallacies.

Assortment of Java applets, primarily mathematical and word games and puzzles.

A collection of java-based teaching materials for middle school mathematics.