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A collection of java applets:

Short video on Brownian motion.

A collection of java applets illlustrating different basic concepts in statistics.

This applet will help you experiment with the symmetries of patterns made by parametric equations of the form (t + An... see more

Do simulations for the glamber's ruin problem.

A small collection of applets discussing several topics in Probability

This applet simulates a situation where a rocket is launched if it passes three independent stages.

The applet shows the histogram of N replications of the sum of n random variables from a uniform (0,1) distribution. It... see more

A collection of mathematics learning materials for high school and college students. It incudes several applets,.

A collection of java-based teaching materials for middle school mathematics.

TeX Users Group is a support group for TeX users. Different information and help to TeX users is available.

A computer simulation on the web to visualize the genesis of normal and log-normal distributions

Assortment of Java applets, primarily mathematical and word games and puzzles.

A collection of Classic Fallacies.