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Check 123 is a video encyclopedia site with video clips 1-3 minutes in length each. Topics include: arts, cinema, earth,... see more

Starting with Soil is a free app from the Whole Kids Foundation that teaches the importance of healthy soil and lets kids... see more

Voxer saves time. Phone calls and texting are time consuming and inefficient. With Voxer just push a button, talk and... see more

Through Participate, educators can become stronger teachers by chatting with educators worldwide, as well as curating and... see more

Modern Chalkboard offers a large collection of professionally created SMARTBoard Notebook files for teachers. Most... see more

Pear Deck seamlessly integrates Google Apps for Edu account, the files in Google Drive, and a teacher's Classroom... see more

Grade multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessments instantly in the classroom by using your iPhone or iPad's camera as... see more

This online Greek (koine/New Testament) textbook covers material expected from the first two college semesters of New... see more

Turn a Google spreadsheet into flash cards, Jeopardy quiz shows, name pickers, progress bars, badge trackers or... see more

BrainRush is a game-based idea focused on the concept that any curriculum lesson can be converted into a review game.... see more

ClassDojo is an interactive classroom behavior management tool for educators. Teachers can assign positive and negative... see more

Kahoot! is game-based collaborative learning platform. Teachers (or students) create quizzes that the class takes at the... see more