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A java application that functions as simple DC circuit simulator. Available components are batteries, bulbs, swithches,... see more

This is an authoring system (written in Java) that allows users to create their own simulations without writing Java... see more

Experiments in Modern Physics conducted remotely via the Web.

A Java program that performs quantitative analysis of motion.  Data is collected using frame-by-frame analysis of video... see more

This is a Shockwave applet that simulates a density and buoyancy experiment. Students can measure the mass and volume of... see more

A 2-dimensional relative velocity problem with an integrated physlet.

A small collection of videos showing objects in motion.  Both Quicktime movies and Flash Vid-Dat files are provided. ... see more

A collection of interactive games and information links regarding particle physics.

An interactive simulation designed to help students understand fourier series. Includes a discrete-only module and a... see more

Interactive tutorials about various topics in particle physics.

An on-line periodic table that allows customizable printable versions to be created.

Some interactive tutorials on light and optics.

A tutorial on elementary particle physics. Topics discussed include fundamental forces and their relative strengths, the... see more

A collection of animations illustrating various phenomena associated with waves.

'Founded in 1667, the Observatoire de Paris is the largest national research center for astronomy. 30 % of all French... see more

Information concerning the search for planets outside our solar system.