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Spectacular photos of fossils arranged by time period, with maps showing continent locations. Maps also show ecosystems.

What plagiarism is--the different types. Examples of sources used incorrectly and then used correctly.

Animations of astronomical phenomena, such as tides, phases of the moon,seasons, gravity, distance. These are bare-bones... see more

This is a web version of a public talk I gave about color in astronomy pictures. The nature of light and color is... see more

A compilation of hard-to-envision topics designed for classroom demonstration. Topics range from simple to complex.... see more

This is a web version of a public talk I gave about end stages of stellar evolution. It takes the user through the basic... see more

This site presents some of the amazing connections between mathematics and physics. There are discusson questions... see more

An animated look at the deposition of geologic layers at seven locations around the USA. This site is meant to supplement... see more

An astronomy course with lectures, exercises, and animations.  Level is freshman college for the non-science major.  This... see more

A presentation on the nature of science and how it relates to quantum mechanics.  Level is for high school to beginning... see more