Learning Exercise

Find a German Recipe to Cook

Research German recipes for appetizers and select one to cook for class next week. Please send me, by Friday, a list of required ingredients


Gourmandia is an outstanding Culinary Arts website where Culinary Arts students can learn the finesse of French cooking... see more


The purpose of this exercise is to mise en plase, cook and present a German Appetizer for 15 people

Technical Notes

Possibility of transalation necessary


Research a German Appetizer Recipe

Create a Shopping List 

Mise en Plase all ingredients

Cook appetizer according to recipe directions

Plate and Serve



German, Alsace, Black Forest

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Conduct research on International Foods, specifically a chosen country or region

Scale Ingredients for portion size

Create a shopping list, substituting ingredients not available internationally

Mise en Plase all ingredients

Execuite recipe


Recipe was followed 20%

All ingredients used 20%

Sanitation 20%

Execution and Presentation 20%

Taste 20%