Learning Exercise

Mounting a Full-Mouth Survey

Students drag and drop the dental images into the correct location on the mount using the bucal perspective.


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This exercise is quick and simple and helps students in dental assisting programs to recognize antomic structure as it appears on a dental radiograph. Students learn to mount a full-mouth survey within a specified time. Although analog radiography is quickly going by the wayside in favor of digital, the DANB and the ADA Accrediting body still requires knowledge of film mounting. So this exercise is useful and replaces or compliments actual handling of radiographic images and mounts.


Students must correctly place all 18 intraoral dental radiographs in the correct anatomic position to complete a mounting of a full-mouth survey of radiographs. 

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize radiographic anatomy of the maxilla and mandible

2. Identify anatomic structures associated with normal adult dentition

3. Distinguish similarities between quadrants of the oral cavity

4. Apply the sequence of the Universal System of tooth umbering 

5. Expand students current understanding of oral anatomy


18 points possible. One point for every correct image.