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The Same Witch Trials

This site provides an introduction to the Salem Witch Trials. It includes materials (both print and video) about Salem, the trials,and the major figures involved in the events as wellas teacher tips and a list of related books and web sites.
Course: United States History Survey

This site provides an introduction to the Salem witch trials. It includes materials (text and multimedia movie) about... see more


The Salem Witch Trials consists of three sections: Life in 1692 Salem, The Story of the Witch Hunt, and The People Behind the Trials. Read "Religion and Witchcraft," Economic and Social Division," and "Puritan Children" under Life in 1692 Salem. View the movie "The Story of the Witch Hunt." Read the biographies of Cotton Mather, Anne Putnam, Tituba, Sarah Good, John Proctor, and Mary Easty under "The People behind the Trials." Write a 7-10 page paper explaining the circumstances leading to the Witchcraft Hysteria, the fairness of the trials, the roles of the six leading participants, and impact of the hysteria on Colonial America.
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United States History, Colonial America, United States Social History, Religion in Colonial America.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the basics of the Salem witch hysteria in Colonial Massaschusetts. To interpret the significance of the Salem Witch Trials on American society and culture. To analyze and evalute the legal system of Colonial America.


A 7-10 page paper.
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