Learning Exercise

Slope-Intercept Form

For the students to develop an understanding of using the slope-intercept form to write an equation of a line. Students were given a line or information about a line and had to develop an equation in slope-intercept form.
Course: Aglgebra 1

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Teacher notes: The students were first given an equation in the form Ax + By = C. They were told to "isolate" the y-variable. Then we identified the slope and y-intercept. This was then connected to the y = mx + b. For an activity we projected a coordinate plan onto the white board and drew a line. The students had to identify the slope and y-intercept and come up with an equation. We also gave the students an equation and asked them to put it in slope-intercept form and then graph the line The students went to the board to work in pairs while the rest of the class worked individually with the white boards at their desks.


Technical Notes

textbook, pencil, paper, overhead, dry-erase boards.


Students need to know key terms such as linear equations, intercepts, slope, functions, patterns, and coordinate system. Pre-Algebra must have been taken.


slope, intercepts, equation of a line, functions, patterns, coordinate system, and problem solving.

Learning Objectives

7.0 Students verify that a points lies on a line, given an equation of the line. Students are able to derive linear equations by using the point-slope formual.


The students were assessed by sharing their results on their white boards and also by working in pairs at the board in front of the class.