Learning Exercise

Operations with Radical Expressions

The information for operations with radical expressions was derived from the Mcdougal Littell Algebra 1 textbook in Chapter 12 Section 2.
Course: Algebra I

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Students will take notes on the Radical Handout and work out sample problems with me. Students will take more notes on the back of their handout, I will go over more problems concerning simplifying radical expressions and using radicals to solve for the area of a geometric figure. For classwork and homework the students will complete chapter 12 section 2 problems 1-19, 25-28, and 34-38 from the Mcdougal Littell Algebra 1 textbook.


Technical Notes

Materials used: Note packet, overhead transperencies, overhead marker, Mcdougal Littell textbook, paper, and pencil.


Distributive property, Sum and difference pattern, perfect squares, and simplifying square roots.


Students become more familiar with simplifying radical expressions. Students learn how to use addition, subtraction, multiplictation, and division to simplify radical expressions. Students will learn to solve radical expressions in a geometry model.

Learning Objectives

2.0 Understand the use operations such as taking square roots.