Learning Exercise

Expository Writing with NASA Material

I use this in my adult ESL Level 4 course to teach history and expository or informational 5-paragraph essays.
Course: ESL LEVEL 4

This website has an effective collection of all significant events in the history of planetary exploration and NASA. see more


1. Preteach a graphic organizer method like the semantic web, outline, or t-chart. 2. Introduce the website and show students how to navigate through the links. 3. Model note taking strategies. 4. Choose the highlights. 5. Write the rough draft. 6. Peer edit among the groups. 7. Publish final drafts. 8. Orally present and open for questions.
Additional Information: www.google.com


Technical Notes

Some students may choose to type this so you will need a word processor like Microsoft Word or Appleworks.


Must be able to write in the English language. Must be able to read English text. Following directions and the ability to peer edit will be helpful here.


This is for Language Arts and it is specifically a writing assignment.

Learning Objectives

To be able to write 5 paragraph expository and informational essays.


Do this by way of rubric.