Learning Exercise

Solving and Graphing Linear Systems Review

Students will be able to solve a system of two linear equations with two variables algebraically and are to graphically interpret. Students will be able to graph solutiion sets
Course: Algebra I

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When the bell rings students have their homework out, visible to the teacher for grading. Upon walking into the classroom, 5 warmup problems are on the overhead for students to complete before every student had their homework checked. After grading the homework, warmup problems were addressed. These warmup problems included the methods the students would be reviewing. This was very help in reviewing prerequisites for the lesson. After all the warmup problems were worked out by students who were chosen to do the problems on the overhead, homework questions were answered. Because the homework covered the entire chapter, about 20 minutes was allotted for homework questions. Understanding their homework was essential for the productive review that followed. After all questions were squared away, students were given whiteboards and markers. Students were asked to keep their notes and homework out to answer any questions they may have on the problems they would be given. This was an individual assignment and allowed for every students work to be evaluated. This was done by giving two equations, and asking students to solve using a specific method. They must show all their work and the answer for a new problem to be given. This saved time and allowed us to walk around the classroom and help those students who were struggling. Students are also more engaged when using whiteboards, and indirectly begin a competition among themselves.


Technical Notes

The leason was delivered from the overhead projector, while students used individual white boards to do their computations. Students were given graph paper and rulers to copy their final products and turn them in to the teacher.


The students must be able to identify and apply the following methods: Substitution, Graph and Check, and Linear Combinations. Students must also be able to put equations in slope-intercept form, and graph on the x and y plane.


The topics in this lesson include the following: Slope Intercept Formula, Substitution Method, Graph and Check Method, Linear Combinations.

Learning Objectives

For students to review the Substitution, Graph and Check, and Linear Combination Methods, and fully understand which method to apply.


After the review, five questions that were similar to those that would be on the test were given as a quiz. After students completed the quiz, answers were reviewed. The grades of the quiz were recorded and students were able to take the quiz home for studying.