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Anatomy Tutorial

I have students go through the frog dissection and answer these questions as they do.
Course: 7th Grade Life Science

This is a resource for educators that offers free online interactive animal dissections. Great for a science class!... see more


Name __________________________ Period __________________________ Date __________________________ Virtual Frog Dissection www.froguts.com Mrs. Gill Directions: 1. Click to enter 2. Fine the phrase that says, “to proceed with dissection” then click on “next” 3. Choose the option that says, “straight forward dissection” 4. Follow the directions given on each page The External Anatomy 1. What is the name/type of frog you are dissecting? 2. List three pieces of information about the frog’s skin. 3. Why doesn’t the frog drink water? 4. What are the nostrils used for? 5. How far can the frog jump? 6. Frogs can swim really fast, why? 7. What are the some of the many functions of the cloaca? 8. What is one easy method to determine the sex of the frog? Muscle Tissue 1. Before you dissect the frog, you need to pin it down, why? 2. List the seven organs you found. Heart and Circulatory System 1. List the parts of the circulatory system. 2. How many chambers are in the frog’s heart? 3. Name the three chambers. 4. What are the four functions of the capillaries? Digestive System 1. What two substances does the liver produce? 2. Name the substance that is stored in the gallbladder. 3. Name the acid that is located in the stomach. 4. What is the name of the small structures located inside the stomach? 5. What happens in the small intestine? The Respiratory System 1. List the four steps of the breathing cycle for the frog. The Reproductive/Urogenital System 1. List the characteristics of the male frog. 2. List the characteristics of the female frog. 3. List the parts does the female have that the male doesn’t have? 4. List the function of the spleen. 5. List the function of the fat bodies. The Nervous System and Brain 1. How does the optic nerve help the frog? 2. What is the function of the cerebellum? 3. Which part of the brain reaches to all the parts of the body? Skeletal System 1. Put the skeleton of the frog together (click on hints for some help), then draw out the skeleton below.



A little backgroun on anatomy is needed.



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will become more familiar with frog anatomy and the functions of different organs.