Learning Exercise

Inscribed Angles

In this lesson I...
Course: Geometry

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I gave problems from a geometry textbook as in class work and this homework was suggested by mentor teacher Mr. Duran.

Technical Notes

I used an overhead projector and transparencies to instruct the lessson.


-Students should know what tangents and circles are. -Sudents shoould be familarize with the different properties of a tangent to a circle. -Students should know the difference between arcs and chords. -Students should understand how to use the properties of arcs of circles and the properpities of chords of circles.


Inscribed angles, Inercepted arc, incribed polygon, and cirmscribed circles.

Learning Objectives

•Students will use inscribed angles to solve problems. •Students will use properties of inscribed polygons. •Students will be able to apply the prior knowledge of arcs and chords to figure out the inscribed angles.