Learning Exercise

Natural Objects in Art Form

This lesson begins by having the students watch the Dragon Tales episode "Under the Weather" located at http://pbskids.org/dragontales/parentsteachers/view_do/view_do_13.html which kicks off the idea on nature. Then the students will follow up from the episode by performing the lesson that is attached and is also located at http://pbskids.org/dragontales/parentsteachers/lesson02.html. Once the children return from their nature walk and have collected natural objects from their playground, they will use their objects to create a colorful and three dimensional picture of what they saw on their on their nature walk.
Course: K-3

Online activity provided by PBS kids which gives children the opportunity to explore natural objects in their... see more


First, discuss with the students their thoughts about weather and nature. Have Q and A about their environment. Then show the episode from Dragon Tales. Create groups of four and pass out the paper sacks with their names on the sacks. Have the children walk around the playground collecting natural objects that they find interesting. When children return to the classroom, follow up with a discussion about their nature walk and their findings. Finally, pass out large construction paper, glue, and colors. Have the children create an image of a delightful environment where they can glue their natural objects onto their drawings creating a textural and colorful art piece.



Students should be able to understand their natural surroundings and know how to color, cut, and paste.


Earth Science, Art, Physical Exercise

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to understand the natural objects in their surroundings and develop ideas and questions regaurding those objects.