Learning Exercise

Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

Students (7th grade) will create a 2' x 2' visual representation of the six stages of mitosis; using "wickie sticks" of different colors, markers, etc. They will also do a brief internet or library search, to briefly compare/contrast mitosis and meiosis.

Incredible 3D animation of the phases of mitosis, with realistic looking 3D models - is about 9 MB in size. see more


Teacher will briefly revisit mitosis, by using an over head projector,blank transparencies, and colored markers. Students will work in pairs. Use a 2' x 2' poster board, colored "wickie sticks," glue, markers, tape, compass, etc. Use the compass to draw six circles of approximately 4.5 inches in diameter. They need to be well spaced, so that students could write the changes that occur during each stages below the graphics. Each group will pick four colors of wickie sticks to depict the chromosomes. If the chromosome on the far left is blue, the same blue should be used to depict that particular chromosome in the subsequent stages also, to clearly show the segregation of chromosomes to their respective "poles." Students will do an internet/library search, to compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis in a brief paragraph (atleast 5 sentences). Should be typed. Their text book could be used as a source. However atleast two sources should be cited. Students will also need to give examples of cells that replicate through mitosis, and meiosis in this typed assigment.



Cell Theory. Prokaryotic, and Eukaryotic cells. Organelles and their functions. An introduction to mitosis and the cell cycle.


The stages of mitosis. Very general comparison of mitosis and meiosis.

Learning Objectives

Students be able to name, identify, and describe the six stages of mitosis. Students be able to briefly compare/contrast mitosis and meiosis. Students be able to give examples of cells that replicate through mitosis, and those that replicate through meiosis.


Students will receive 30 points for the poster on mitosis. (5 points for each stage complete with graphics and description of changes that occur at each stage). Compare/contrast of mitosis and meiosis- 10 points Two references- 5 points One example each of cells that replicate through mitosis and meiosis- 5 points Total: 50 points