Learning Exercise

Levers (Simple Machines)

This includes and brief lecture on levers and its three classes, and a paper lever lab. Teacher will bring in real world exmaples to explain the three classes of levers. Teacher wil explain lab, and have each student do the lab individually.

Excellent graphics of the skeletal system , and individual bones. see more


teacher will explain lab to the class, and have then work individually. Students will be given a sheet of paper with an outline to make the paper lever. Students will label the "fulcrum"as a point in the exact middle of the paper lever. They will then mark 3 points each an inch apart on the left and right hand side of the fulcrum. Students will need to attach paper lever to lab to receive full credit.
They will then answer the following questions. A.1. Where is the fulcrum in your lever? 2. If you hooked a paper clip on "3" right what would happen to the lever? 3. If you hooked a paper clip on "1" left what would happen to the lever? 4. If you a paper clip on "2" right and another on "3" left what would happen to the lever? 5. If you hooked 3 paper clips on "2" right and 2 apaer clips on "3" left what would happen to the lever?
B.How many differnt ways are there to balance 10 paper clips? Go figure it out, thre are lots of ways!



Cell Biology. Musculoskeletal System.


Joints in the human body that work like levers. Three classes of levers. Definition of levers, and how they simplify life.

Learning Objectives

Students know how to compare joints in the body with structures used in machines and simple devices. (6.h) Students be able to explain how levers confer mechanical advantage and how the application of this priciple applies to the musculoskeletal system. (6.i)


See Muscle System