Learning Exercise

Glowing Tomato

An introduction to the composition of light. The following is meant as an introduction to a unit on light and color.

Instructions and a video showing you how to make a tomato glow. A great way to capture your class's attention! see more


-Begin class discussion on students' understanding of light. Write student ideas on the board in a brainstorming session.
-What is light made of?
-How does light travel?
-What makes light?
-Where does light come from?

-At this point, most students will begin to name lamps, electricity, and batteries as sources of light. When they do, introduce the glowing tomato.
-If light comes from electricity/batteries/etc., where is the light coming from here?

-Begin powerpoint presentation on light, including what it is composed of, how fast it travels, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

-Give students structured note sheet so that they may follow along with the lecture and fill in empty spaces with appropriate information.



Technical Notes

Prepare glowing tomato (following instructions on website) before class.



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will understand the composition of light and where it comes from.


Assessment can be made by asking students to answer the question "What is light?" as a quiz.