Learning Exercise

The big Question is..?

How to find answers about the universe using NASA resources
Course: Science 1

This is the "Ask an Astrophysicist" service of the "Imagine the Universe!" web site. They specialize in cosmic-ray,... see more


Read materials related to the solar system and basic astrophysics concepts; create a question and create at least one hypothesis answer baased on prior knowledge.

Technical Notes

Internet access is needed


Basic knowledge of the Solar System, planets and physics


Universe Misteries How does this work?

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson students will learn to use Internet resources provided by NASA and be able to enhance their relative knowledge of Astrophysics by electronically contacting NASA experts


This lesson will be assed in two steps 1.Question development and research based student answer hypothesis. 2. Quality of question posted on "Ask the Atrophysicist" and a final comparison between hypothesis answer and the answer given by the experts at NASA