Learning Exercise

Reading Upgrade: An Online Intervention Course for Struggling Readers

This assignment explores how to improve your reading skills.
Course: Student Success

Reading Upgrade is an online intervention course for struggling readers grades 3 to 12 and adult. The course features... see more


Guest Expert: Students click on URL to Reading Upgrade (http://www.learningupgrade.com/html/ruhome.htm). Click on “Play Demo”, and then click on “Main Idea, Level 47”. Listen to the mini-lesson on main idea and detail sentences. Then, read the paragraphs and answer the questions covering the concepts of main idea, detail sentences, and conclusion. Choose a paragraph from chapter one in the course text, Power Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life, and write a set of five questions covering the main idea, topic sentence, details, and conclusion of the topic of the paragraph. Email the questions to your class partner. Be sure to include the page number and paragraph from which you generated your questions. Individuals should post their questions and answers to the discussion board.


Technical Notes

Author Mary Jean Pace


Advancing Your Reading Skills: Barriers and Bridges to Effective Reading

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Identify typical barriers to reading and develop strategies to overcome them.