Learning Exercise

Memory An Important Tool to Survive in College is the Ability to Remember!

This assignment explore ways to improve memory skills which lead to learning.
Course: Student Success

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Graphic Organizers: Go to the website at http://www.ulrc.psu.edu/studyskills/how_learning_occurs.html and under the heading, Memory, read the information. Click on the link Read on and learn ways to improve your memory skills which lead to learning. Under the heading labeled Improving Your Memory, there are fourteen (14) suggestions to use in improving your memory. Read these carefully and then create two graphic organizer webs: one labeled “Ways I Already Use to Improve My Memory” and “Ways I Need to Put into Practice to Improve My Memory”. In addition, write an example for each of the ways you actually used to improve your memory. Share with your classmates by posting to the discussion board.


Technical Notes

Author Mary Jean Pace


Honing Your Memory: The Process of Memory

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Understand the process and function of memory.