Learning Exercise

美國的節日 / 美国的节日

Read the following instructions in traditional or simplified Characters: 請上 http://chinese.rutgers.edu/class_content_simplified_chinese/level2/class10-to-19/class13/short_ct.htm 閲讀一篇有關中國的節日的短文。同組學生必須用MERLOT VOICES http://voices.merlot.org/ 在網上互相討論並寫一篇有關美國的節日的短文。請用至少五百個字來形容。合作寫完短文後請把檔案上載到MERLOT VOICES。如果需要翻譯的工具,請上http://translate.google.com/#en|zh-TW| 或類似工具查尋。 / 请上http://chinese.rutgers.edu/class_content_simplified_chinese/level2/class10-to-19/class13/short_cs.htm 阅读一篇有关中国的节日的短文。同组学生必须用 MERLOT VOICES http://voices.merlot.org/ 在网上互相讨论并写一篇有关美国的节日的短文。请用至少五百个字来形容。合作写完短文后请把档案上载到 MERLOT VOICES。如果需要翻译的工具,请上 http://translate.google.com/#en|zh-CN| 或类似工具查寻。
Course: Chinese 200B (CSULA), 202 (CSULB), or 204 (CSUF)

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Mandarin Chinese


Technical Notes

You must use MERLOT VOICES at http://voices.merlot.org/ for discussion with your group members and for uploading your collaborative essay. Your instructor will view your collaborative process and your essay at this site.


Intermediate level of Mandarin Chinese


Festival Experience in the US: Please collaborate with your group members to write an essay following the above description. Your instructor will give you the due date for your essay.

Learning Objectives

Collaborative writing


Writing competency