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This is a collection of Geometer's sketchpad applets with description. Even without Geometer's sketchpad the pages are... see more


Again my problem with this sight seems to be that many of the links lead to
nowhere..which causes this site in my opinion be slightly annoying. However in
not being able to choose a link that I normally would choose, I chose this one,
which turned out not to be such a bad thing. I ended up spending quite a bit of
time on this link. Is is useful for teachers and students...I guess it would
really depend on your version of useful however this sight is super interesting.
It asks questions you wouldn't think of and solutions that are so interesting
that you want to keep reading. I think this link would be a great tool for
students and teachers. It takes a step away from book math and brings us into
things we might actually think about. How easy was the reading??? It wasn't
easy but if you read it enough it might began to make sense of it. the only
reason some of it began to make sense to me was that fact I thought it was
interesting enough to read again.