Learning Exercise

Vocabulario para "Un dia sin musica"

Would you like to develop a strategy for enhancing your vocabulary in Spanish? If you are a "Spanish heritage speaker, " are there words in your "dialecto" that are different from the ones used in the reading of "Un dia sin musica?" Learn how to expand your Spanish vocabulary for speaking and writing, and for describing a word when you can't remember its name.
Course: Bilingual Programs, Third Year H.S or AP, College - second through fourth semesters, Spanish for Heritage Speaker courses

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1. Crea una tabla.

2. Haz una lista de vocabulario nuevo.

3. Si sabes otra palabra parecida en tu dialecto familiar, anota el país
dónde se usa.

4. Describe la palabra nueva usando la circunlocución para esta palabra.

5. Escribe una frase usando la palabra nueva.

Tu tabla debe de tener cuatro columnas para :

a) Palabras

b) Traducción de palabra o palabra semejante en uso en otro país
de habla hispana

c) Circunlocución

d) Frase con palabra nueva

Para encontrar diccionarios en la red:


Para describir cosas, ver:



Technical Notes

Multimedia - Flash


Spanish language proficiency with ability to read


Spanish Vocabulary

Learning Objectives

Student will learn to create word lists for use in expanding their vocabulary