Learning Exercise

Language Arts and Science with NASA: The Meteor & Asteroid Letter

This lesson is designed to enhance knowledge of meteors and asteroids as well as increase proficiency at writing friendly letters. The technology part is the typing of any letter written in Microsoft Word.
Course: 3rd Grade Multiple Subjects

This site is going to be used (by me) to create a number of friendly letter activities that support 3rd grade CDE... see more


Lesson Title: Focus on Meteors/Asteroids Friendly Letter

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Objectives: See above

Anticipatory Set: See above (website)

Primary Website: See above (website)

Critical Teacher Tasks: 1. Teacher can guide this as writing instruction. 2.
Teacher should navigate the web for information (use the sites provided). 3.
Allow time for typing of letters. 4. Have students grade each other's rough
drafts. 5. Explain any rubric prior to start of assignment. 6. Post the work in
classroom on some type of display board.

Critical Student Tasks: 1. Ask questions. 2. Neat handwriting for rough draft.
3. Type carefully. 4. Be creative. 5. Listen during the Internet navigation. 6.
Use graphic organizers as directed by teacher. 7. Help your peers!


Technical Notes

LCD projector, computers with word processors and a live Internet feed.


Read and write at grade level. Some typing skills.


Language Arts, Science, and Technology

Learning Objectives

Students will: 1. Write a friendly letter in the proper format. 2. Interact with and ask questions about NASA material that concerns meteors and asteroids. 3. Students will type the letter in Microsoft Word.