Learning Exercise

Phases of the Moon Flipbook

Students will use the site to view an animation on why the moon has different phases. They will use this knowledge to create their own animation in the form of a moon phase flipbook.
Course: 8th Grade Physical Science/ HS Astronomy

Animations of astronomical phenomena, such as tides, phases of the moon,seasons, gravity, distance. These are bare-bones... see more


Part 1/Day 1: Go over the textbook explaination of the moon phases and the names
of each phase, have students log on to the Astronomy Demonstrations website and
view the demonstrations. Talk about how the sun and the orbit and rotation of
the earth and moon create these phases. Explain what they will be doing in day
Part 2/ Day 2: Review the phases of the moon animation.
Using this information have students construct an animation flipbook of the
moon's phases.
*Large Post-it Notes tend to work best*
On the back of each Post-it, have students explain the phase and how it is

Technical Notes

Will need individual student computers or a media projector linked to teacher computer. Computers must have flash.


How to navigate on the internet, and a knowledge of animation flipbooks.


California Content Standards 4d and 4e for 8th grade Physical Science

Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn how the sun and the moons oribit determine the moon phases. 2. They will learn that the light from the moon is reflected light from the sun. 3. Students will be able to create an animation of the moon phases and describe each phase.