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To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf as a current nursing student at California State
University, Sacramento. Thank you for providing such a great collection of
online learning material at the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and
Online Teaching (MERLOT). MERLOT.org provides a great online resource for
students of higher education as well as faculty.

I was recommended to this website by my professor. The diverse online learning
resources enhance my education outside of school. Under the category of
“Science and Technology,” I was able to find numerous helpful materials related
directly to my education in a health related field. The MERLOT modules help
further my education in learning with a variety of techniques. I enjoyed
reviewing tutorials, animations, and stimulations from other authors and
developers around the nation. The information was easily accessible and very

MERLOT.org is a valuable online tool in accessing a multitude of topics and
improves my knowledge from other faculty to further my education. As a student,
the best part is that MERLOT is a free resource. The website is easy to use
and it is easy to find a great number of different topics. Thank you for
putting together such a great site. MERLOT offers a great contribution to
enhance my education and provide an unlimited number of resources that are
easily accessible online.

Sarah Galve
CSU,Sacramento Nursing Student