Learning Exercise

Computer Security with Windows XP

This assignment is in 2 parts:
1. Protection Against Hackers
2. Virus Protection.

It requires Internet access. The format is q&a.

In part 1, students become familiar with the Windows Security Centr. There are four questions to answer based on what students learned about and in the Security Center.

In part 2, students are asked to search for virus information on the Internet using three different types of resources: the Microsoft Knowledgebase, the Website of an antivirus program, a government Web site.
Course: Introduction to Computers

Microsoft provides this Web site to deal with several types of security issues incuding viruses, hackers, and spyware.... see more


I. Protection Against Hackers
Instructions: In Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows offers a Windows Security
Center to help improve the security of your computer.
< http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/protect/windowsxpsp2/wsc.mspx > .
Answer these questions based on the information on that page.
A. What is the function of the Security Center?

B. What are the three security components monitored at the Security Center?

C. How can you access the Security Center on your computer?:

D. Open the Security Center on your computer. What are the four possible
choices for automatic updating?

II. Virus Protection
Instructions: Use the Internet to locate information about a current virus.
A. Use the Microsoft Knowledge Base to search for information on computer
viruses: description, prevention, and recovery. To do this, use the search box
on the support page:
< http://support.microsoft.com/ >.
Tell three symptoms of viruses, worms and trojan horses:

B. Learn about a current virus from the Website of an antivirus program such as

Symantec, < http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ > or
McAfee , < http://www.networkassociates.com/us/security/home.asp >.
Write the virus name and type:

C. Use a public search engine to find a government site that has information
about a current virus. Write the following:
1. Your query:
2. Virus name and type:


This assignment is relatively stand-alone. An Internet connection is essential.

In part 1, students explore the Windows Secuirty Center. They should be
familiar with the Windows XP interface.

In part 2, students will do Internet research to find the answers. They should
be familiar with the use of search engines. I use the opportunity to reinforce
effective querying techniques.


Technical Notes

Use of Internet Explorer is better for Microsoft Web sites.
An unassigned video is available on the use of Windows Security Center. Windows Media Player is sufficient.


Familiarity with Windows XP
Use of the Internet
Use of search engines, preferrably but not necessarily with knowledge of field searching.


Become familiar with Windows Security Center for information about firewall, updates, and antivirus software.
Virus information.
How to find current virus information.

Learning Objectives

Use of Windows Security Center.
Where to find virus information.